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We only source from Regional (New England) Hemp growers. Our products are 3rd party tested!
CBD has grown increasingly popular over the years, many attest that it is a miracle cannabinoid while others are unsure of these claims. Before you jump in, do your research! Not every CBD brand has your best interest in mind. Need some more information but don’t know where to look? Click on the images below to start!
What you Need to know about Cannabinoids and Covid-19 from real experts
What the Feds are saying about CBD
CBD laws vary from state to state... Click below to read about CT Hemp laws Click below !
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Did you Know ? You can ingest, smoke or apply CBD topically.
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About SoChill
SoChill CBD is an afro-Latine and queer femme owned cbd brand. We provide affordable, QUALITY, accessible hemp products. Across the board there has been heavy discrimination against black/poc in the cannabis/hemp industries because of the war on drugs. Black and POC are typically seen as offenders or unknowledgeable in this industry. Consuming CBD is an absolute privilege as researchers move ahead and learn about this plants’ value all while poor and predominately black/brown people are still incarcerated for marijuana. We advocate for equity in the cannabis industry and for decriminalization of cannabis.
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